Carrier Transicold Lynx Fleet unlocks Smart Reefer Management for Stonegate Farmers


Wiltshire-based Stonegate Farmers has taken delivery of 15 Carrier Transicold Supra units, connected by Carrier’s powerful Lynx Fleet digital platform. Stonegate will unlock new powerful capabilities to strengthen its cold chain by applying advanced IoT, machine learning and analytics. Lynx Fleet will also provide a new ability to monitor and manage their refrigerated transport, automate key processes and improve logistics to increase performance and reduce total cost of ownership. Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

The 13 Carrier Transicold Supra 750 S and two Supra 1150 MT units – each mounted to a Volvo FM rigid fitted with a Gray & Adams refrigerated body – will be used to distribute eggs to customers throughout the UK, with Lynx Fleet technology unlocking asset management and telematics.

“Vehicle connectivity holds huge potential to transform the way we operate, and we see Carrier Lynx Fleet platform as the ideal next step for our business,” said Darren Roach, Group Transport Manager at Stonegate Farmers. “This powerful technology, combined with the reliability and flexibility of the new Supra systems, will help us to lower fleet emissions and improve efficiency, therefore delivering better service to our customers.”

Carrier Transicold’s Supra units deliver constant airflow, independent of engine speed, which ensures rapid pull-down and accurate set point control. When combined with Lynx Fleet, operations can be further refined, specifically by leveraging advanced Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and analytics monitoring to intelligently manage each system, automating key processes to improve operational, equipment and energy efficiency.

Utilising two-way remote commands, including set point control, engine running mode changes and defrost instructions can decrease fuel consumption by up to 15% and help minimize carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This supports Stonegate’s carbon-neutral Respectful eggs brand with the potential to limit food waste through real-time temperature monitoring and alerts.

With end-to-end visibility of all cargo, Lynx Fleet gives Stonegate instant access to its refrigerated vehicle data, providing an intuitive way to drill down into specific variables, such as temperature at delivery or door opening times, creating accurate reports in an instant. The company also receives temperature-out-of-range alarms, specific event notifications like door openings within specified geo-fenced areas, and more, to ensure optimal performance.

“We’ve worked with Stonegate Farmers for many years and we’re delighted to retain and continue to build its trust in Carrier’s technology,” said Tony Biggs, Account Manager, Carrier Transicold UK. “Thanks to Lynx Fleet, the team can now compile and schedule temperature reports at a moment’s notice, and the system’s ability to provide real-time alerts will significantly streamline typical workflows.”

Stonegate’s Supra units are all backed by Carrier Transicold’s comprehensive BluEdge fixed-cost full-service maintenance package, which includes annual temperature control testing and certification, full F-Gas regulatory checks and access to the company’s oneCALL™ 24/7 incident management service.

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