Ctrack becomes Inseego as part of expansion plans for the telematics business


Ctrack, the leading provider of fleet telematics, asset tracking and vehicle camera systems, has rebranded as Inseego. The name change is part of the relaunch of the business in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand and represents an important part of the ongoing strategy of parent company, Inseego Corp, to focus on target markets closely aligned with its 5G and enterprise initiatives. This will include an expansion of the telematics offering with the introduction of advanced fleet solutions that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G to deliver business intelligence at the edge.

“As we continue to focus on the global growth of our 5G business, the evolution of this business unit is core to our strategy, particularly for enterprise initiatives. It sets the stage for the introduction of innovative solutions, to be powered by our new 5G Intelligent Edge SaaS platform, which is slated to launch later this year,” said John Weldon, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Intelligent Edge Solutions.

The current intelligent edge portfolio includes telematics solutions spanning fleet visibility, asset management, driver monitoring and management, as well as video AI and dashcams. These connected smart solutions allow businesses to streamline operations by increasing efficiency, safety, and savings. With the capability to support thousands of vehicles, assets and personnel, they cover all types of vehicles and equipment across a range of industries including fleet, construction, road transport and logistics, government, and natural resources.

The forthcoming 5G Intelligent Edge SaaS offering will leverage the power of 5G with video, AI, and Inseego’s established telematics business to provide actionable insights at the edge. This will help transform how enterprises across the globe improve operating outcomes to create sustained value for themselves and their customers.

Having originally joined Inseego in 2016, and being most recently known as Ctrack by Inseego, the business has over 35 years of telematics experience. With Inseego Corp’s existing strength in 5G, this latest development will not only help differentiate the business within the telematics marketplace but also deliver new opportunities to existing customers and extend its capacity to service new ones.