Discount Drive: M6toll launches first-ever Black Friday deal


The M6toll is holding its first ever Black Friday deal, with three incredible deals on offer for new customers.

From now until Friday November 26, new customers in the HGV and commercial fleet sector can enjoy either a single free trip, a month at 50% off, or three months at 50% off.

As an added convenience, new customers will also be signed up to the M6toll’s state-of-the-art Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) tolling system. ANPR cameras identify licence plate data, removing the need for card payments at the toll plazas and rapidly reducing journey times.

Julie Davies, Commercial Director at Midland Expressway Ltd said: “More and more fleet operators across the UK are waking up to the benefits of the M6toll, and we’re delighted to unveil this Black Friday deal.

“The M6toll and our leading ANPR tech can give your business a significant competitive edge, thanks to faster journey times, efficiency, and driver welfare.

“The road’s reliability is also a key factor for our customers, especially during the busy period in the run-up to Christmas.”

A recent survey of drivers working for UK transport operator Maritime Transport Ltd, the first business to trial the M6toll’s new ANPR technology, revealed the significant effect the M6toll has on driver wellbeing and, ultimately, retention.

All respondents rated it as a better driving experience to alternative routes, with 77% citing faster journey times in particular.

A total of 73% said it was less stressful, 44% said they considered it a safer road to travel on, and 41% considered it to be a more predictable and reliable route.

Fleet managers benefit too. ANPR massively reduces the stopping and starting that comes with other routes, such as the M6 and A38, and therefore slashes wear and tear.

And then there is the enhanced trip efficiency M6toll customers enjoy. MA Ponsonby, a Staffordshire-based haulier that has been a customer for more than a decade, says using the M6toll means they can get another load in a day – meaning an extra five loads a week.

Julie added: “On top of these benefits, we provide each customer with a dedicated account manager to help businesses get the most out of the M6toll.