Driver appeal, uptime and dealer service trifecta sees Stoke’s S&L Services take four new IVECO S-WAY


Experienced haulier, S&L Services (SLS) in Stoke has added a quartet of IVECO S-WAY to its fleet of heavy trucks. The new vehicles debut an updated, vivid metallic blue livery against bright white paintwork with flowing lines to accentuate the features of the aerodynamic design.

The family-owned firm is currently operating 53 trucks, four of which hail from the Italian brand. However, with the new IVECO S-WAY having already made a significant impression on both driving and management teams, the intent is to grow this share moving forward.

“We’ve always run a few IVECOs in the fleet and we were that impressed with the last ones that we jumped at the chance to try an S-WAY demonstrator, what a lovely truck,” commented SLS’ Managing Director, Lee Durose.

“We originally planned to order two but ended up taking four. It’s an absolutely fantastic design, packed with driver appeal. I’m impressed that they’ve listened to truck operators and drivers, the ergonomics inside are very good and the drivers love them.”

SLS historically takes well-specified vehicles, these 6×2 mid-lift AS440S51TX/Ps are no different, capitalising on new comfort, technology and connectivity features. Always running at the maximum 44-tonnes gross, the trucks are powered by the 12.9-litre CURSOR 13. In this case, it produces 510hp and 2,300Nm via the 12-speed HI-TRONIX gearbox with IVECO HI-CRUISE GPS predictive drive control.

Aside from the Aero Plus Pack which ensures IVECO S-WAY makes the most of its up to 12% drag coefficient reduction, Driving Comfort Plus and Living Comfort Plus were ordered. Respectively, these add Hi-Comfort seating, automatic climate control, a leather steering wheel, door blinds, 7” infotainment system, a night heater, ambient lighting, extra under cab storage, premium fridge and ‘Smart’ upper with top-comfort reclining lower bunk. Furthermore, SLS’s trucks have PTO preparation, adaptive full-LED headlights and have subsequently been kitted with power inverters and televisions as the drivers spend all week away.

The specification was chosen with the drivers at the forefront, ensuring they have the most comfortable set-up with maximum useable storage. The infotainment system includes TomTomLIVE navigation, Bluetooth and smartphone mirroring capabilities, linking with the connectivity features for driver and transport manager. A driver can control various features from the IVECO ON EasyWay smartphone app while simultaneously monitoring their vehicle’s running performance. Back at base, the transport manager can use the system to implement driving style training and plan ahead for maintenance, boosting uptime.

The trucks tend to average around 130,000kms annually and are covered by a TCO-enhancing 4-year 3XL smart R&M package, taking care of everything bar tyres under one easily managed cost. Two of the trucks have been funded via an IVECO Capital Ops Lease for flexibility while the others were purchased outright. SLS expects the IVECO S-WAY to be a sought-after used truck, choosing to run most of the fleet for three years. Previous IVECOs have remained in such good condition that they’ve had their terms extended to five.

Situated just a few hundred yards away from S&L’s Stoke-on-Trent depot, the four trucks were supplied and will be maintained by Sherwood Truck & Van. “I’ve known Jeremy at Sherwood for a long time, he and the team look after us very well,” adds Lee. “The first-class dealer support and the R&M packages are the main reason we took IVECO trucks in the first place; we’ve run seven over the past decade and there’s certainly no problem with reliability. It’s satisfying knowing the proven drivetrain underpins the new trucks.”

These new vehicles will join a long-term contract SLS has with a nationwide timber supplier, fulfilling bulk stocking orders to over 230 branches of a large home improvements retailer. With several stores situated in busy urban areas and within the M25, all four have been equipped with Direct Vision Standard (DVS) compliance systems. A dashboard display relays images from forward-facing and flank cameras, there are ultrasonic sensors installed to the nearside, visual blind-spot warnings, and an external audible turning alert.

“Truck designers and engineers can do everything to make a truck great, but if the dealer support isn’t there, it’s almost null and void, commented Gareth Lumsdaine, IVECO UK’s Heavy Business-line Director.

“It makes me very proud to say that we’ve clearly got the right product and the right network behind it. S&L Services’ reasons for purchase speak real volumes, and we look forward to seeing its IVECO S-WAY fleet grow over the coming years”.

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