LOBO Systems announce a new development with Knapp UK for a fixed gantry industrial walkway solution


The initial enquiry was to design and supply a custom solution to meet the access requirements – within 10 days. A fixed platform has a lengthy assessment, design and manufacture time and takes too long. It is much more expensive than a LOBO System as most of the work is pre-designed in the components, and no welding is required.

LOBO was recommended for use by an existing Knapp site, and using LOBO Systems’ tried and tested process, a 15-minute Internet meeting was scheduled, followed by an on-site assessment.

Since a custom solution is possible from standard off-the-shelf LOBO components, this is a straightforward procedure. Following certified training by LOBO Systems, Knapp can install their new system within 10 days from the initial enquiry.

“We build our own gantries and catwalks where we want, when we want and how we want, total flexibility to suit our business needs”, says a Knapp project manager.

Rob Bokros, LOBO Systems CEO, says, “if you need to reduce costs by erecting your system, with this new DIY approach LOBO is the best.”

Customers can see the DIY benefit of self-assembly while retaining the option to reconfigure if necessary. LOBO Systems steel components have been load tested using a 4-to-1 ratio to ensure it complies with all relevant global regulations.