Online vitamin seller sees healthy returns from optimising data


Healthspan, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of vitamins, minerals and health supplements, has transformed their online performance by optimising their data.

Healthspan already had a strong e-commerce record and a consistent presence on the eBay marketplace since 2019. However, their performance dropped in the first quarter of 2021. After hearing about Optiseller through an online masterclass, they reached out for guidance on how to improve their performance.

During the first 3 weeks of working with Optiseller it saw a huge upturn in performance, including a 10% increase in sales, a 50% increase in listing conversion, and a 60% increase in the number of completed item specifics.

Leonie Pike, from Healthspan, comments: “Optiseller’s recommendations have been game-changing for us. We have seen big results so far. Our account was below standard in Q1, so we are pushing to match last year’s performance. If we continue at this impressive rate, I have no doubt we can achieve this target.”

Richard Falconer, Chief Operating Officer at Optiseller, adds: “Healthspan worked with Optiseller’s customer success team who supported them in creating a strategy focused on going back to basics to boost the health of their eBay account. We are delighted to have helped them drive so much growth in their store performance and see results in such a short period of time.”

Optiseller is an e-commerce data platform that helps over 40,000 online retailers to better control, manage, and monitor their performance on marketplaces, including eBay. Optiseller is now used in over 100 countries and has analysed over 1.1bn products. It reviews over 70m listings every week.