PCN increase a fine on London business, says Logistics UK


In response to news that charge levels for Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) issued on London’s red routes – a network of major roads that make up 5% of the capital’s streets, but carry up to 30% of the city’s traffic – will increase from 17 January 2022, Natalie Chapman, Head of Policy – South at Logistics UK comments:

“Logistics businesses need road and kerbside access to deliver the essential items businesses and consumers in the capital need; Transport for London (TfL) has failed to identify in its research whether some businesses are receiving repeat fines due to the lack of safe and legal spots to load and unload deliveries that their livelihoods depend on. Without road design in place that supports logistics, this charge level increase will not provide the deterrent TfL intends, it will simply penalise some essential delivery and servicing activities. The costs of doing business in the capital are increasing already across the board, for example, the Congestion Charge is not returning back to its lower pre-pandemic level as was expected; now is not the time to add yet another cost without a clear strategy, particularly while London and the rest of the UK recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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