Seeing is believing… Aftercare Response video brings servicing and repairs to the small screen


Customers of Aftercare Response can now review video evidence of repairs that need to be made to their commercial vehicle bodywork and ancillary equipment like tail-lifts and roller shutter doors, as well as more specialist items such as impact protection vehicle ‘crash cushions’.

In what it believes to be a ‘first’ for the sector, the specialist provider of round-the-clock emergency back-up and planned maintenance is equipping its field-based engineers with the technology needed to capture and relay video footage to customers, together with spoken commentaries.

The new initiative ensures complete transparency. Customers can see for themselves via the Aftercare Response portal any issues requiring attention, hear the engineers’ recommendations and make fully informed decisions as to whether or not they want work to be undertaken.

Although similar services are offered by car, van and truck dealers, and others responsible for chassis maintenance, Aftercare Response is confident that by once again taking a lead on innovation it has stolen another march on its direct competitors.

The company is part of the multi-faceted Bevan Group, but now trades as a stand-alone business. Its engineers are managed by a service desk team based at Bevan HQ in Wednesbury, West Midlands.

Aftercare Response has worked on the video project with Vehicle Vision, of Leicester, whose practical, innovative software provides a smarter and more convenient way in which to communicate with operators and build trusted relationships. It allows authorisations to be secured more quickly, thereby minimising delay and vehicle downtime.

“From a customer perspective this development is all about building confidence and providing reassurance,” explained Dean Miller, Head of Sales Development at Aftercare Response. “Those for whom we work are bound to be happier when commissioning a repair if they can see precisely what’s required and why.

“Crucially, though, we will also be using the new platform as a training aid, to improve repair standards and achieve an even higher level of consistency within our team of 53 engineers.”

Aftercare Response has continued to support its customers, many of whom provide ‘front-line’ services such as grocery deliveries, throughout the pandemic. While revenues were hit in 2020, only a small handful of engineers were furloughed and profits held up. The company has been forging ahead strongly again this year, and its focus is now firmly on growth.

In another recent development, Aftercare Response has promoted two of its senior engineers to new, regional leadership roles – Nathan Brown is supporting colleagues in the north, and Matthew Lacey is doing likewise for those in the south.

Underlining the company’s commitment to compliance, the two are also engaged not only in helping it to secure new accreditations and certifications, but also in ensuring that it retains those it has already achieved. In 2019, for example, Aftercare Response was awarded the prestigious PAS 43 ‘best practice’ quality standard developed to improve safety for roadside recovery technicians and customers.