Toyota’s new electric counterbalance range comes with a choice of lithium-ion, lead-acid or hydrogen power options


Toyota Material Handling UK has launched a new range of electric counterbalance forklifts. Designed for both indoor and heavy-duty outdoor applications, the Traigo80 80-volt electric counterbalance range is offered with a choice of lithium-ion, lead-acid or fuel cell power solutions.

Customers that opt for lithium-ion batteries can select two intelligent energy packs based on Toyota’s own high-density lithium-ion battery solutions. This flexibility enables users to calculate the lithium-ion battery and charger combination that is best suited to their particular application.

At most sites, a lithium-ion-powered Traigo80 will operate continuously during multiple shifts without a battery change – saving the cost of additional batteries and battery changing equipment. For example, a new Traigo80 equipped with a small lithium-ion battery can work a full 8-hour shift, with just two 15-minute charging breaks during the main operating periods, and 45 minutes of additional charging during the mid-shift meal break. Furthermore, Li-ion-powered Traigo80 trucks require zero battery maintenance.

Meanwhile, for users that choose the traditional lead-acid battery option, the new truck offers quick and easy sideways battery changing, while improved motor and component technology means the lead acid battery-driven Traigo80 consumes 15% less energy when compared to the previous model – even in the most intense and demanding applications.

In addition to lithium-ion and lead acid batteries the Toyota Traigo80 is also available with hydrogen fuel cells. For users that have the benefit of an on-site hydrogen supply, hydrogen fuel cells can be refuelled in just a few minutes and allow emission-free operation.

As well as selecting their preferred truck power source, Traigo80 customers can also choose between a compact chassis design for applications where space is confined, or a longer chassis with a larger battery for those operations where trucks are in continuous use. In addition, two models with a chassis suitable for longer load handling on 600mm load centres have also been introduced.

Available in capacities from 2 to 3.5 tonnes with lift heights up to 6.5 metres, the Traigo80 is designed for the toughest environments and features high-level protected motors that deliver best-in-class performance and durability in all weather conditions.

And, for the ultimate outdoor performance, a fully enclosed cabin is available to ensure optimum operator comfort and, therefore, productivity.

The Traigo80’s new operator compartment has been ergonomically designed and features an updated adjustable armrest and lots of storage compartments. An optional integrated colour touchscreen display provides key information such as lift height, load weight and mast position, while a multifunction display screen with push-button controls is also available.

A completely new range of controls – including mini-levers, a single multi-function joystick, or multifunction levers – allow operators to choose the system that best suits their driving style, while the Traigo80’s fully floating driver compartment reduces noise and vibrations highly effectively for extra comfort.

For even greater efficiency and the ultimate in truck operator safety, the Toyota Traigo80 is equipped with Assist functions, such as Toyota’s well-known and proven System of Active Stability (SAS). The multi-award winning Toyota SAS maintains truck stability by continuously monitoring the load weight, lift height and truck speed during operation.

Integrated telematics have been standard on the Toyota warehouse range since 2018 and a number of new connected smart truck features which allow customers to monitor and improve the operational safety, productivity and cost-efficiency of their materials handling equipment, are available with the new Traigo80 models.

These include an all-new pre-operation check function and the ability to recognise when the truck is being driven without a load. The system also monitors the condition of the Li-ion or lead-acid battery, which not only increases safety but also extends the battery’s lifetime.

Sam Gray, Sales Training and Product Development Manager, Toyota Material Handling UK, commented: “The launch of Toyota’s new Traigo80 counterbalance range means companies that run the most intensive indoor or outdoor operations or whose applications demand trucks that deliver peak performance in the harshest environments, can make the transition to emission-free electric- powered forklift technology with no compromise on reliability or durability.

“Toyota Material Handling is committed to sustainability across its business and this new range of electric trucks has an important role to play in reducing the environmental impact of all companies that rely on forklifts within their business – from single truck users to the biggest fleet operators.”