Armoloy TDC® coated linear rail and ballscrews from Matara for high wear resistance


When motion equipment is being used in harsh environments, it needs to be of resilient design and manufactured from highly durable materials. Matara UK Ltd, specialist in automation, pneumatics and linear motion products, provides customers with Armoloy TDC® coated linear rail and ballscrews for maximum longevity in demanding applications and locations.

Matara linear rail and ballscrews use top grade materials and are subjected to extremely rigorous heat treatment and grinding processes, for high quality products. For added protection, and where the standard materials will not suffice, these products are now available with Armoloy TDC® coating, which is a hard (78Rc), thin, dense chromium coating with a micro-nodular surface texture. Using Armoloy® TDC coatings provides corrosion protection equal to 440 series stainless steel.

The nodular finish of the coating reduces the amount of the rail and ballscrews’ surface area exposed to surfaces in contact with it, thereby substantially reducing friction for smoother movement over rolling surfaces, as well as extending wear life by nearly 50% when compared with a typical hard chrome coating. The nodular finish also retains smaller amounts of industrial lubricants for longer periods, both further reducing friction and creating a cleaner work environment.

With the Armoloy TDC® coating, Matara linear rail and ballscrews have improved resistance to chemicals, detergents and weld spatter. They have anti-galling, spalling and fretting properties and are capable of withstanding very wide temperature ranges.

Application of this innovative coating is through a proprietary means at a precise 2.5 – 5 micron even deposit which will not affect the linear rail and ballscrews’ geometry, weight or balance and will not alter the metallurgical structure. 100% coverage is achieved with absolute adhesion, i.e. the coating will not chip, flake or peel, and a satin silver appearance free of rack marks is guaranteed.

Matara linear rail and ballscrews with Armoloy TDC® coating can be used in most industries, but are especially well suited to customers operating in corrosive environments, such as battery plants and marine applications, and for those who undertake regular wash down such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and food processing plants. The coating is USDA approved and FDA compliant, as well as compliant with EC 1935/2004 for food contact.

Matara has over 23 years’ experience in the linear motion industry. It has a large UK stock of linear motion control automation components, including precision ground and rolled ball screws, power lead screws and linear guides and rails, as well as providing cost-effective, bespoke linear motion control solutions. Matara is part of Rubix, Europe’s largest supplier of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul products and services. For more information, please go to, or contact Matara at [email protected] or on 01684 850000.