Yorkshire’s first large frame 3D printing machine made possible by six figure investment


Sheffield’s additive manufacturing provider, AME-3D, invests in one-of-a-kind and industry first large frame industrial stereolithography 3D printing machine, enabling them and their customers to create bigger, better, and stronger parts than ever before. This will empower the UK’s automotive, white good, medical, and sustainable energy markets, as well as markets like TV and film, hobbies and toys, to take their production options to the next level.

Thanks to securing its first round, six-figure investment earlier in the year, AME-3D, have expanded its fleet of machines by adding two new stereolithography (SLA) machines in addition to the new selective laser sintering (SLS) machine earlier in the year.

The RS Pro 800 is the only large frame SLA machine in Yorkshire, capable of building components with 800 x 800 x 550mm dimensions and a layer thickness from 0.07-0.25mm. This one-of-a-kind machine is ideal for a variety of industries and applications, such as large automotive rapid prototypes, film and TV props, and wind tunnel testing models.

The Pilot 450 is one of six machines currently operational in the UK and can create parts within 450 x 450 x 400mm dimensions and with layer thickness of 0.05-0.25mm. It is well-suited to build medical grade components, high-definition scale models, “form, fit & function” prototypes, and accurate casting masters.

Both new machines are more than capable of low and medium volume production and are set to lead the way of mass customisation for the UK’s additive manufacturing market, something which is impossible for traditional (subtractive) manufacturing methods to achieve.

AME-3D’s managing director, Rich Proctor, comments:
“The RS Pro 800 is a game-changer for UK producers and manufacturers. We have increased our maximum build volume over 8 times; from 43 litres to 352 litres. We can now build much stronger parts because we can produce them as a single piece rather than in smaller sections and joining them together. Then the Pilot 450 is another string to our bow, increasing our high-resolution build volume more than 5 times.

Both these machines are built on a solid granite recoater frame giving it unrivalled thermal stability meaning its well-suited to meet the demand of high precision builds. There is now more granite in our factory than in a high spec kitchen.

AME-3D is embarking on a highly ambitious growth journey and the capabilities of these machines in addition to our existing fleet and talented team puts us amongst the UK’s go-to additive manufacturing innovators.”

John Beckett, managing director of Europac3D – the company that provided these innovative Uniontech machines – adds:

“The development of Uniontech’s large bedframe machines over the last few years has brought our company to the forefront of SLA technology and quality. Our range has grown to be the highest level of all SLA choices on the market. Last year production rose to over 1000 machines meaning we are the largest manufacture of SLA in the world.

I’m honoured that AME-3D is now home to the first large frame SLA machine of this kind, as there are many ambitious UK manufacturers, which will benefit greatly from the new possibilities these machines offer, such as stronger parts and less wastage. ”