Suffolk freight company appoints multilingual staff to bolster European offering


A freight company specialising in European logistics has added two new members to its operations team to help provide added value to clients in European markets.

Morrison Freight has recently welcomed Adelaida Olmos, who has Spanish as her first language and German-born Regine Haertel to the team.

Viviana Romano, a native Italian speaker, has also been at Morrison Freight now for three years.

The new employees have been recruited by directors Lee and Darren as part of the import and export teams.

The aim is to utilise their multilingual skills to streamline the communication process and to provide more of a personalised service to customers in these areas.

Commenting on her new role, Adelaida said: “I worked for a freight forwarder in Spain for a number of years so I’m excited to have joined Morrison Freight and to be managing the Southern European Imports.

“I’ve already found that by having an understanding of their culture, it’s been easier for me to form relationships with Spanish customers and suppliers, so this makes my job a lot easier.

“I’m also able to have more of a conversation my contacts and they feel a lot more at ease being able to talk in their native language – so it’s great for the business.”

These new appointments also coincide with the European Championships which kicked off on 11 June.

Lee Steward, director and a keen football fan said: “There is a lot of rivalry in the office when it comes to the Euros this year.

“We have employees supporting Spain, Italy, Germany and England and as we operate in 25 across Europe, we have customers in France, Hungary and Poland too.

“Large sporting events such as the Euros are always successful in bringing different nationalities together so having a team of employees from different backgrounds makes it even more exciting.

“Now that we’re nearing the end of the competition, it’s even more tense. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top this year as we’ve already lost some big teams!”

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