New medical grade transparent face mask made to shield your smile, is set to change the way people connect


Smile Shield has a transparent panel to aid communication and is one of the only facemasks of its kind to offer medical grade protection[i], meeting all elements of the government’s Transparent Face Mask Specification. Smile Shield is also over 98% bacterial filtration efficiency, breathability, is splash proof and hypoallergenic.[ii]

Smile Shield is a British invention, created by two founders Jennifer Soboslay and Lisa Qiao, who also own TAD medical, known for its range of established medical supplies including masks, shields, PPE clothing, gloves, sanitising and cleaning equipment, already widely used by hospitals, educational facilities, the emergency Services, and customer facing services.

Jennifer and Lisa, believe that these masks will benefit certain industries including those where the human connection needs to be visual. Jennifer Soboslay, Founder and Sales Director, at Smile Shield comments: “Visual facial expression is a huge benefit to many industries, as communication is important, especially as a smile can change the sentiment of information or can be encouraging without words. The Smile Shield allows lip reading, visible facial expressions, and a clearer understanding and connection between people to take place.”

Soboslay, Continues: “We tried many different types of designs including a fully clear panel, but this wouldn’t have had the other attributes we deemed important, such as over 98% bacterial efficiency and breathability, the masks being splash proof and hypoallergenic. These are all important aspects needed by those working for medical facilities and emergency services such as the police or paramedics. Those that come face to face with people that could in pain or have a hearing disability without notice. Schools are another sector we are looking at, as the mask would offer the highest protection available for teachers and the ability for them to communicate with their students in a way, we believe, no other mask on the market does at present.”

The Smile Shield™ can also be used as a surgical mask with a clear front panel, which makes the mouth visible to facilitate clear communication. This is especially important for those caring for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, have a learning disability, or suffer with autism or dementia for example.

Soboslay, adds: “We saw a gap in the market for a medical grade mask with a clear panel, that can be used by the emergency services, healthcare providers, especially those working for charities where communication and connections are key, such as The Disabilities Trust.”

Allan Darby, Health & Safety Manager at The Disabilities Trust, comments: “The pandemic has been a challenge for us, as we offer a range of individually tailored support services, aimed at helping people live their lives as independently as possible. It is extremely important in our line of work that the people we help can see our facial expressions Therefore, we feel the Smile Shield helps the people we support to engage with our staff. We are implementing the use of these medical grade masks with a clear panel for our staff members and those that we care for.”

Darby continues: “Take Autism as an example, this is a complex disability, and no two people have the same needs. Our detailed assessment procedure is designed by experts to determine the level of support needed by each individual. We are committed to finding new ways of understanding the views of those who have communication difficulties and tailor our communication methods to best meet the needs of that person, this is where clear communication and building a connection is key.”

Hypoallergenic and latex free, the Smile Shield mask is comfortable to wear and offers over 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. For more information about Smile Shield, please visit: