EVRYTHNG and ebp Global partner to help world leading brands deliver on new consumer expectations for transparency, authenticity and personalized experiences


EVRYTHNG, the Product Cloud managing digital identities for the world’s consumer products, today announced it has partnered with value chain innovator and management consulting firm, ebpGlobal, to help brands increase supply chain resiliency and deliver on consumer expectations for transparency, authenticity and personalized experiences.

“As the world emerges from a year-long pandemic, it’s become clear the full value chain has to be taken into consideration — from sourcing and manufacturing, to eCommerce and retail, to recycling and reCommerce,” said Michael Gamper, CEO, ebp Global. “We’ve partnered with EVRYTHNG to help our clients achieve this critical end-to-end supply chain visibility.”

The past year witnessed a massive acceleration in eCommerce with many retailers not reopening their brick and mortar stores. According to Digital Commerce 360, worldwide consumer spending online jumped to $4.29 trillion in 2020, up over 24% from 2019. At the same time, manufacturers shifted to local sourcing and near-shore production for better resilience, while consumer purchasing values shifted.

“Getting the right mix of products in the correct channel at the right time requires a high degree of consumer insight, flexible and responsive distribution options and perhaps, rethinking the entire sourcing and production network. EVRYTHNG provides this insight at scale,” said Gamper.

Beyond growth in the eCommerce channel, COVID-19 brought the need for and/or lack of supply chain visibility to the forefront. Never has there been a greater need for end-to-end traceability of individual product items through the supply chain. Product digitization, giving every product item a digital identity in the EVRYTHNG Product Cloud provides both brands and consumers with transparency from the factory to retail to resale or reuse. Consumers receive the provenance data they demand and brands receive real-time data intelligence to inform business practices.

“Technology is playing an instrumental role as brands react to a radically changed world where smarter supply chains and the ability to directly connect with consumers across multiple channels are defining who survives and who doesn’t,” said Niall Murphy, CEO and co-founder, EVRYTHNG.

“Our partnership with ebp Global allows us to extend our reach across the consumer goods market, bringing expertise in managing digital supply chain transformation to deliver end-to-end supply chain transparency into every consumer brand product’s journey from the factory to the consumer to recycle, reuse or reCommerce.”

To learn more about how EVRYTHNG and ebp Global can assist your brand with its supply chain and product digitization needs, contact [email protected]