Got The Lot see sales surge by using the power of data


Got The Lot (GTL), which describes itself as a one stop e-commerce shop, has transformed its online performance through the power of data.

The explosion in online sales over the last two years means competition has never been greater. Online sellers have literally just a few seconds to grab a buyers attention in busy marketplaces. Optimising your data is now crucial for all online businesses, and a must if you are to improve visibility and accessibility.

Got the Lot were thriving on Amazon but under-performing on eBay, so reached out to Optiseller for help. By making minor changes to better control, manage, and monitor its data, GLT saw almost instant results.

Paul Walsh, Content Manager for GTL, explains that he has never been a fan of data but decided to reach out to Optiseller after hearing about all the good work it has been doing with other e-commerce sellers. Paul was amazed with the results and admits as soon as he saw small changes starting to deliver results, he was hooked.

After just three months, GTL saw an amazing 65% increase in total sales, a 46% growth in the number of Top 20 search ‘Best Match’ results, a 135% surge in external site views and a 102% rise in organic sales.

Walsh comments: “I think it is safe to say that I never really understood the power of data when it comes to selling online, but after seeing the results Optiseller has achieved for us, I certainly do now. We really didn’t know why we were not performing well on eBay, and Optiseller made us look at our account in a completely different way and really focus on the data behind all our listings… The results have given us the confidence that we are now investing our time and efforts in the right way. It’s the small things that can make the biggest difference on e-commerce platforms, and you just have to look at our results if you need proof that this is true.”

Chris Cook, Senior Marketplace Growth Specialist at Optiseller, adds: “GTL is a great example of a company which took expert guidance, worked hard on implementing it and then saw phenomenal results. GTL signed up to our scaling service for an initial 3 months to see how we could help them improve their eBay sales. Through our health check of GTL’s eBay store we were quickly able to identify several data quality issues that were negatively impacting their performance. GTL were very engaged, and with the support from our team and tools, they were able to focus on creating a solid foundation of quality listing data that they could then build upon through promotional activity.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Paul and Lewis at GTL and see their hard work pay off. We were delighted they extended their initial 3 month agreement with Optiseller. We wish them every success as they continue to grow their business going forward.”

Optiseller is an e-commerce data platform that helps over 40,000 online retailers to better control, manage, and monitor their performance on marketplaces, including eBay. Optiseller is now used in over 100 countries and has analysed over 1.1bn products. It reviews over 70m listings every week.