Grocery retailers need to maintain sustainability focus despite pandemic, says Schoeller Allibert UK


Schoeller Allibert, a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of returnable and recyclable plastic packaging solutions, has appealed to retailers to retain their focus on sustainability for click and collect and home delivery services.

John Walkington, Sales Director at Schoeller Allibert UK, comments: “We’ve seen a very mixed approach to the use of carrier bags in ‘click and collect’ and home delivery services during the last few months. Understandably, all retailers have been under tremendous pressure to maintain customer supplies in the peaks of the pandemic, when lockdowns have driven shoppers online. However, we’ve seen some move away from returnable totes in their supply chains and back to supplying single use carrier bags to consumers, which is clearly a backward move for the sector.

MicrosoftTeams-image“Returnable transit packaging offers tremendous benefits in terms of cost efficiencies, recyclability and sustainability. At Schoeller Allibert, we are also offering the inclusion of antibacterial additives in the design of some of our totes to assure users of their hygiene safety. Even when plastic bags can be returned to the retailer to be recycled in their instore collection systems, this is not minimising material use and not in line with the principles of the circular economy. Adopting well designed, stackable and versatile totes to manage the complexities of these shopping channels is key to protecting the bottom line, and the planet!”

Schoeller Allibert offers a range of containers, ideal for ‘click and collect’ and home delivery applications, that provide enhanced handling efficiency, hygiene and sustainability for today’s challenged retail supply chains.

Maxinest® E-tail, part of Schoeller Allibert’s popular Maxinest family, offers supreme flexibility for omnichannel retailers. It can incorporate dividers to enable multiple customer orders to be stored separately in a single container and remove the need for bags. It also has a very high nesting ratio of 80% meaning return transportation costs are reduced greatly, along with the associated carbon footprint. A clever floor design, that is flat and non-vented, enables easy cleaning and contains any spillages or leaks to boost hygiene.

With Maxinest E-tail, retailers have a transit packaging solution that brings together easy, efficient handling, sustainability and hygiene qualities.

Maxinest® E-tail is fully interoperable with the rest of the Maxinest family – a key value when considering that the original Maxinest is the most proven and popular tote available to retailers.