New survey reveals how the pandemic has impacted the way customers’ purchase goods in-store


A new survey*, conducted in April, carried out by the Craft Bakers Association (CBA) in partnership with MultiPay, the forward-thinking payments technology experts, has revealed that the way that customers purchase goods in store has changed since the pandemic.

In line with most high street retailers, craft bakers have reported that customers have a heightened level of concern around hygiene since the start of the pandemic, with 88% predicting hygiene to be a top concern for customers, as reported in a survey of CBA members*. Handling cash is very much part of this and whilst the survey shows 95% of bakers are still accepting cash, 82% have seen a decline in shoppers paying in this way.

This decline in cash payments is expected to continue after the pandemic, with 81% of bakers predicting this will happen.

With customers more reluctant to use cash when shopping in-store, the use of cashless methods including chip and pin and contactless has increased. 69% of bakers questioned said that since the start of the pandemic, contactless has been the most popular payment method, followed by chip and pin (46%). With the decline in the use of cash expected to continue after the pandemic across all retail, 61% of bakers believe that contactless payments will continue to be the most popular payment method and 34% expecting chip and pin payments to continue to be the second most popular.

Providing CBA members with efficient card payment solutions and support, MultiPay is able to aid CBA members with these changes to their customers’ payment preferences.

On the survey results, Jenna Hamlyn, Head of Marketing Communications & PR at MultiPay said “Whether customers choose to pay with card, contactless, a mobile device or even online, by being able to accept any payment, anywhere, UK bakers are able to focus on what they do best, keeping their customers happy and running their businesses. By being able to meet their customers payment expectations, bakers can continue to future-proof their businesses and remain competitive.”

On the survey results, CBA Director of Operations, Karen Dear says “Not only are cashless methods of payment usually more hygienic for both bakers and shoppers, they also offer bakers increased business efficiencies. With this in mind we are expecting more of our members to take advantage of our partnership with MultiPay and their card payment services.”