Schuh and New Look latest brands to offer InPost’s instant returns service


InPost, a leading out-of-home and eCommerce delivery company, today announces that schuh and New Look are the latest brands to sign up to its recently launched QR code returns service.

‘Instant Returns’ was launched to make the returns processes quicker and easier for consumers. It’s the first returns service where only a QR code is needed – there is no need for shoppers to print a label at home, or at the drop-off point. All they have to do is scan their QR code at an InPost locker and drop the parcel off – with the whole process taking a matter of seconds.

The paperless, frictionless solution is likely to appeal to a more tech savvy, younger cohort of shoppers which InPost has dubbed the ‘printerless generation’. In fact, recent research conducted by InPost found that 30% of people do not have access to a printer at home they can use to print returns labels, rising to almost half (44%) of people aged 18-34 don’t have access to a printer at home to print return labels, and two-thirds (66%) of this age group reported that they would prefer to use a code that can be scanned on their phone, rather than having to add a physical label to the parcel they are returning.

Beyond the benefits of making the returns process quick and ultra convenient for consumers, the new service also makes returns greener than ‘analogue returns’, by eliminating the wastage of unused printed labels and unnecessary printing. And according to InPost, 43% of consumers are more concerned about the environmental impact of delivery and returns than in the past this rises to just over half (51%) among 18-34 year olds, so it only seems fitting that this new service is tailored perfectly to the more eco conscious, digital first consumer.

Leading multichannel retail brands schuh and New Look are the latest UK brands to sign up to the service, as they look to broaden and increase return options available due to their continued focus on removing friction from the online retail experience.

Jason Tavaria, CEO at InPost UK said: “We’re incredibly excited to partner with schuh and New Look by supporting their ambitions to offer super convenient returns to their customers.”

At InPost, we’re on a mission to make the returns process as easy as possible for both retailers and their customers thus bringing the high street convenience online. As we continuously build out our UK network at pace, we are excited to bring InPost Instant Returns closer to consumers.”

Alice Cleary, CMO at schuh said: “At schuh we always strive to offer our customers the easiest and most convenient options. It’s fantastic we can partner with InPost to offer such a hassle-free method of return. As a business we are constantly looking for ways to operate more sustainably and minimise wastage, so the fact ‘Instant Returns’ is paperless with no need for a printer means it’s the perfect fit for schuh.”

Nigel Oddy, CEO at New Look said: “As a truly omnichannel business, we are always looking for new ways to make life easier for our customers, so we’re delighted to partner with InPost to offer Instant Returns. With no need to use a printer, customers simply scan a QR code on their phone and drop off their returns at their nearest InPost locker. It’s an innovative new service that not only gives customers a locally convenient option, but also offers a more sustainable way to process returns.”

InPost’s new Instant Returns self service solution is available to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With the label replaced by a QR code scanned at the locker, it is self-service, giving online shoppers total control, and takes as little as 10 seconds to complete.