Social impact platform Pledger launches on Shopify


A new social impact platform has launched on Shopify, enabling 1000s of UK retailers to donate to good causes whenever they sell a product.

Pledger, which can be added to Shopify websites via an app, lets retailers partner with causes including Crisis, Action Mental Health, The Black Curriculum, Just One Tree and others.

It works by donating a set amount to causes chosen by the retailer for each of their products sold, or a selection of specific products.

Research has shown that shoppers are 70% more likely to buy a product when it’s connected to a meaningful cause, while they’re 90% more likely to switch to a brand if it supports a cause.

Pledger was launched by entrepreneurs Liam Houlahan and Mariya Kupriyenko, who quit their jobs early in 2020 to focus on Pledger.

Kupriyenko, Pledger CEO, said: “Brand values are more important to the younger generation of consumers than ever, and we are excited about being a part of building a generous digital ecosystem and a simple yet powerful platform that truly enables retailers to make a difference.

“In our short time in the market we have seen incredible response with 60 stores using the app already.”

Pledger says it is now focused on growing its curated community of causes, impact tracking and shopper engagement features.