SPAR launches new N°1own label petfood range


SPAR, the leading symbol group in the UK, has launched a new own brand petfood range under the SPAR International label SPAR N°1. The range of ten petfood products will provide shoppers with an even wider choice of quality, everyday essential petfood products at great prices.

Amrit Rebello, SPAR UK Brand Manager, said: “One of the unexpected outcomes of the pandemic was the sharp increase in pet ownership and as a result we are delighted to launch a range of 10 SKUs for cats and dogs to meet the increased demand for pet food in our stores.

“We know that the pet category is a high value opportunity for SPAR stores as the basket-spend of pet food shoppers is significantly more than non-pet product shoppers.

“The design of our new SPAR N°1range perfectly complements pet owners who see their pets as part of their family and are for many their number one priority,” added Rebello.

The new range of SPAR own label petfood consists of five wet cat food SKUs and five wet dog food SKUs, which will support the current pet products in the SPAR range. The new range will bolster the existing range of five SKUs by offering shoppers more choice in this category.

The SPAR N°1dog food NPD includes cans and alu-tray formats whilst the cat food offers individual tray options as well as pouch multipacks.

The SPAR N°1 range design includes helpful icons to highlight the added vitamins and health benefit credentials within the range, as well as the protein variants.

The SPAR own brand range continues to offer consumers a strong value option in today’s ever-growing value market.

The launch of the SPAR N°1 petfood range is a further example of SPAR’s focus on adapting quickly to key consumer shopping trends by providing shoppers with quality products competitively priced.

The new products include SPAR N1 Cat Multipack in Jelly £3.25, SPAR N1 Dog Alucup with Chicken and Turkey £0.80, SPAR N1 Cat Pouch Flowpack in Jelly £1.25, SPAR N1 Cat Alucup with beef £0.60, SPAR N1 Cat Alucup with Chicken £0.60, SPAR N1 Cat Pouch Flowpack in Gravy £1.25, SPAR N1 Dog Can with Poultry £0.70, SPAR N1 Dog Can with Beef £1.30, SPAR N1 Dog Can with Beef £0.70 and SPAR N1 Dog Alucup with Veal and Rabbit £0.80.

The SPAR N°1 range of petfood is available in participating SPAR stores in England, Scotland and Wales.