Volumatic’s CCi is the perfect gift for retailers


The busiest shopping season of the year is now in full swing, which is great news for the high street.

Retail experts Springboard have reported that the latter half of November has seen a 7.9% jump in UK retail footfall across high streets and shopping centres from the start of the month, and that is predicted to rise to 24% in UK shopping centres in December, and 20% on the UK high street.

This early surge in in-store Christmas spending and footfall is welcomed by retailers says Volumatic, the experts in efficient cash handling. Sales & Marketing Director, Mike Severs says: “As consumer confidence returns slowly and shoppers are out earlier than usual buying, it means retailers have a major job on their hands in coping with their daily cash handling and banking procedures, while trying to maintain good customer service.

“Stores need to have a smart solution in place to cope with the demands this surge in Christmas sales will undoubtedly bring upon their workforce.”

One retailer who demonstrates how efficiency is the key to retail success during peak trading times is the Heart of England Co-operative. Beverley Cartwright, Heart of England’s Head of Loss Prevention says: “With Christmas only three weeks away, Volumatic’s CCi* system is a really the most efficient way for our staff to handle cash.

“It is an all-in-one cash handling solution and it sorts, counts and stores our cash securely at the till points. It detects forgeries and provides a one-touch cash handling solution from our till point to the bank.

“We are particularly pleased with how easy it is to reconcile cash takings with our EPOS system and create accurate daily reports.

“An investment in CCi will save businesses time and money for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone.”

“It’s not just efficient, it saves retailers money too,” adds Severs. “Less cash handling means the CCi can reduce cash processing costs by 75%. Add to this the reduction in errors, elimination of manual skimming and no forgeries coming through the tills, it is nothing short of a (Christmas) miracle.”

For more information visit Volumatic at www.volumatic.com