Consumers reveal their anxieties over the use of third-party delivery carriers


With the supply chain crisis continuing to cause significant disruption and delays, new research has uncovered widespread concern among UK consumers during the delivery process. One fifth (20%) of UK consumers reported the package handover to the carrier as the most concerning part of the whole delivery process,.

The research conducted by parcelLab – the leading operations experience management platform – shows that during this stage of the delivery process the customer is repeatedly left in the dark, with 27% of consumers unsure who to contact about their delivery at this stage. Following retailers dispatch of the package, and putting it into the hands of the carrier, the customer is often left uninformed of its whereabouts. This is crucial information in the circumstances consumers – amid the supply chain crisis – find themselves in.

These concerns serve to amplify the anxieties already felt by consumers over online deliveries this Christmas, with almost half of consumers (47%) shopping earlier this Christmas to avoid delays to their deliveries. Consumers are worried most that driver and staff shortages will lead to delays to their order, with 58% citing this as their primary concern.

The worries consumers have about the package handover to the carrier also appear not to be unfounded. The research reveals that 37% of consumers reported previously receiving a damaged package, and 41% saying they had received a package after when they needed it.

The research also revealed that consumers were willing to act based on their previous experiences. Following a negative experience, 40% of consumers shared that they developed a negative outlook on the delivery company. Additionally, 17% of adults who celebrate Christmas went further and said they would only buy gifts in person rather than online in order to mitigate the risk of being uninformed of their orders whereabouts.

Tobias Buxhoidt, Founder and CEO of parcelLab, commented: “With supply pressure around the Christmas period already stretched, our research highlights the worries many consumers already face when it comes to third-party carriers. It’s clear that this is often the most concerning stage of the delivery process ,and the point at which most consumers feel uninformed and unaware of their order.

It is vital that customers are provided with transparent and clear communications, rather than being left completely in the dark. While many delays – especially with the current supply chain issues – are unavoidable, this is no excuse to not provide accurate and reliable communications. The research shows that there are consumer concerns and more must be done to alleviate these concerns.”