IntraLogisteX 2022: S&S Plastics Insert Tubs make sustainable storage and shipping up to 800% better


Businesses are shipping air every day and cardboard doesn’t cut it anymore. Able to store eight stock-keeping units (SKUs) in a single tote, the use and value of S&S Plastics’ Insert Tub will be demonstrated at IntraLogisteX 2022, presenting attendees with a scalable solution to widespread inefficiencies in product management, SKU contamination, supply chains and warehousing.

Hosted at the Coventry Building Society Arena on the 29th and 30th March 2022, the IntraLogisteX exhibition will feature a live demonstration of the S&S Plastics Insert Tub at Stand 220. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with the product along with a Q&A and explanations of its ability to optimise SKU management, storage and shipping.

According to research by the McKinsey Global Institute, over 90% of the environmental damage caused by businesses that package consumer goods is due to supply chains. Companies spend tens of thousands of pounds a month and more on cardboard, inflating costs while failing to address core inefficiencies that stand in the way of excellence in sustainability and logistics.

Nick Bortone, Managing Director at S&S Plastics, explains: “We’re excited to welcome delegates to our Insert Tubs demonstration at IntraLogisteX 2022. Over the years we’ve seen far too many examples of totes carrying and storing single small items. Already an issue in and of itself, that degree of inefficiency compounds further down a supply chain and at scale. Warehouse space is wasted, procurement costs inflate, and fleets burn through carbon footprint allowances and impact the environment.

Our Insert Tubs are an exciting answer to a problem many executives don’t yet know exists: the rampant shipping and storage of far too much air. We look forward to demonstrating the value of this solution in person at Stand 220.”

Exceeding FM Global Drainage requirements and being fully compatible with standard 600x400mm storage totes and most robotic systems, the potential of the Insert Tubs to increase operational capacity by up to 800% is unmatched in long-term cost and efficiency by any other solution available today. Simple and effective separation and segregation inside totes stand to have a significant knock-on effect on any business that adopts the system, enabling smarter and more sustainable logistics.

The Insert Tubs are designed and manufactured in the UK and currently have a 100% reorder rate from S&S Plastics customers.