Market demand for security shredding


The global industrial paper shredder machine market (which also includes security shredding) is observing vibrant growth on the back of rising demand of papers used in various industries for different purposes. Due to this increase in demand, the industrial paper shredder market is anticipated to record an annual growth rate of around 5.1 per cent between 2019-2027.

Market growth for shredding machinery can also be attributed to the rise in consumer demand for eco-friendly packaging, driven by the recent boom in e-commerce. Many multi-national companies, including Southgate, are now adopting new and innovative technologies to increase product efficiency.

Craig Turner, Managing Director at Southgate Packaging, one of Europe’s leading packing suppliers comments: “Here at Southgate our Optimax range comprises of five shredding machinery products. The machines can be easily switched between making high-bulk void fill and protective matting for carton lining, interleaving and wrapping, while others cut the corrugated into short, narrow loose-fill chips.

“The OP320 Shredder is one of our favoured machines. With an output of 2-3 cubic metres per hour, a feed rate of 12mtr per minute and the ability to cut 320mm wide and 15mm thick, this product is one of the best on the market.”

Feeding into the global market trend, Southgate has also experienced growth in sales of our shredding machinery over the past two years. Having recently transitioned to our new Optimax range, we are now offering customers a more streamlined approach to shredding which will benefit both the company and the environment.