MFS Renewables harnesses the power of energy with new TITAN hybrid system


Following the recent launch of its new Renewables Division, leading commercial vehicle company Marshall Fleet Solutions (MFS) has added the TITAN hybrid power system to its renewables product portfolio, with the TITAN system capable of providing 100% free power to any make of on-board refrigeration unit, tail lift and other vehicle mounted electrically powered applications on HGV’s, LCV’s and small trucks.

Uniquely, TITAN is a hybrid system that combines power produced from lightweight, high power solar panels combined with a unique kinetic energy recovery system. The state-of-the-art kinetic recovery unit converts braking energy into electrical energy, which is stored along with the solar energy in long life lightweight lithium batteries.

Available exclusively from Marshall Fleet Solutions, the TITAN system will be unveiled for the first time on the MFS stand at the forthcoming TCS&D exhibition in Peterborough in September, where the system will be displayed on a Mercedes Sprinter home delivery vehicle that will be fitted with a Thermo King V200 refrigeration system.

Announcing details of the TITAN range, Mark Howell, managing director at Marshall Fleet Solutions said, “Delivering unrivalled fuel and CO2 savings, TITAN is revolutionary for the future of the automotive industry and for temperature controlled applications. By using a combination of solar power, KER’s, and on-board energy storage, TITAN provides 100% consistent power to the refrigeration system, reducing fuel costs, noise and most importantly, emissions.”

Suitable for both new vehicles as well as for retrofitting to existing vehicles, TITAN from MFS is available in two variants. The Solar-Kinetic version comprises solar panels and the state-of-the-art kinetic recovery unit to power a lightweight lithium battery, making them ideal for all diesel-powered vehicles. The Solar version utilises solar panels only to power a lightweight lithium battery and this version is perfectly suited to electric vehicles or for vehicles with limited daily mileage.

With TITAN, the solar panels utilize all the vehicle’s available roof space rather than penetrating critical bodywork. Energy is stored in a high-powered on-board battery to electrically power the fridge unit. The batteries are charged overnight and topped up during use by harnessing both the solar and kinetic energy recovery from the TITAN system.

Another significant advantage of the TITAN system is that it functions with a one hour key out holdover, ensuring that there is no requirement to run the vehicle to power the system during lunch breaks or deliveries as well as ensuring a timed pulldown function for preparing the vehicle for loading in advance.

With its slimline design and installation, TITAN requires minimal basic maintenance once installed. However, flexible Marshall ASSIST contract maintenance packages for refrigeration systems can have TITAN added or upgraded to, by including annual servicing, compliance checks, as well as replacement and management of components to ensure optimum performance and reliability.

Further information about the TITAN hybrid system from the new Marshall Renewables Division can be obtained by contacting the MFS Renewables team on [email protected] or by viewing the company’s dedicated Marshall Renewables page on

“The addition of the TITAN system is part of our planned strategy to substantially expand the product portfolio of our new Marshall Renewables Division, whilst providing our customers with a visible commitment to reducing emissions and combating the effects of climate change,” added Mark Howell.