Free consultancy helps industry see sense in data


As UK industry seeks to bolster productivity and efficiency in the wake of 2020’s lockdown, automation specialist Novotek UK and Ireland is urging businesses to strengthen their data strategy with advanced industrial analytics software. To this end, the company has partnered with GE Digital to offer six hours of free data analytics consultancy with purchase of GE Digital’s Proficy CSense software through summer 2021.

Proficy CSense from GE Digital is one of the world’s most powerful industrial analytics platforms, using machine learning (ML) AI algorithms to allow engineers to mine historical data and make use of predictive analytics. The software combines data from sources all across industrial operations to identify issues, highlight causes of problems and control setpoints in real-time.

The accompanying consultancy from Novotek is provided as six one-hour sessions, which are structured to allow industrial businesses to make the most of the CSense software. The sessions begin with developing a data plan and identifying outcomes, and then proceeds to cover areas such as translating those plans into the CSense setup and the best techniques for using the software’s powerful capabilities.

“Even the best industrial software is only as powerful and helpful as its deployment,” explained George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “The capabilities of modern industrial software are continually expanding, so it’s not uncommon for industrial businesses to overlook features and functionality that can add value, improve processes or reduce problems.

“UK industry was hard hit by lockdown last year. It has made strides in recovering in recent months, but there is more to be done to catch up on lost production. With the consultancy sessions, we want to get all UK businesses up and running effectively on CSense within the span of six hours. That means less time spent wondering if there is more you can get from your data, and more time mining insights from that data instead.”

Proficy CSense allows engineers to rapidly develop, test and deploy calculations, predictive analytics and process optimisations based on the insight from historical plant data. Coupled with the AI-led functions of the software to automate actions, Novotek believes the software can play a pivotal role in improving quality, productivity and efficiency of industrial operations.

To find out more about Proficy CSense from GE Digital and discuss consultancy with Novotek UK and Ireland, visit the company’s website.