Halo Solutions strikes new partnership and launches in the USA


UK Safety and security specialist Halo Solutions today announces a new partnership with US business Zimcode. A leader in sports travel in the USA, Zimcode is in a unique and perfectly placed position to communicate the Halo offering to American audiences.

Zimcode is the creator of a suite of technologies, such as FanRunner and TeamRunner which create an integrated marketplace for sports events and team travel. Their platforms currently serve organisations, fans and athletes as they travel throughout the USA and allow event directors to streamline their operations for all involved.

Halo Solutions is creator of the Halo System, launched in 2018 as a replacement for overcrowded radio channels, un-regulated whatsapp groups and un-trustworthy spreadsheets in stadium and event control rooms. The first to create a ‘Next Generation Control Room’ with an integrated mobile app for communications, incident, task and people management and connecting all the disconnected workforce and processes into one platform as well as ticket scanning and radio technology.

Adding Halo’s multi-award winning, world-class safety system to its existing product range will allow Zimcode to expand its already impressive powerhouse of technology to take Halo’s ‘Next Generation Control Rooms’ to a great many sports stadia as well as also push the system into new areas of safeguarding and the protection of children. The Halo System will be used to power Zimcodes’ own ‘Zims’ app. Allowing event and member organisations to watch over, streamline and protect its many millions of existing users, particularly for incidents such as bullying, sexual abuse and discrimination.

David Anderson, Co-Founder, and VP of Engineering at Zimcode says: “Our goal is to eliminate the intimidating and daunting process of filing an incident in a private matter and to create a positive experience for all our partners’ members from teams and sports organisations to schools, religious institutions, events and businesses.”

Halo Solutions’ CEO and Co-Founder, Lloyd Major, says: “We are delighted to be partnering with the team at Zimcode. They are the market leader in their field and have unprecedented, direct access to our target market, as well as an exciting new safeguarding vision and direction for our product. Their established route to market, high profile client base and shared values make them a great choice to support our expansion into the USA.”

Zimcode’s CEO, Ziad Tleimat adds: “In a year of so many unknowns and challenges, we found solace in working with true professionals, in Lloyd Major and Greg Horsford. We have like-minded philosophies in how to make the event and sports world a safer environment for individuals and large audiences, while embracing the diversity of humankind.”

Over the next 12 months Halo will continue to expand its operations overseas.