New technology champion aims to position Fraikin as leaders in vehicle data and connected technologies


Commercial fleet services company, Fraikin, has underlined its commitment to innovation with the appointment of a Technology Champion – a new role designed to help customers maximise the benefits of the latest connected technologies.

Michael Hemming, 41, brings more than 20 years’ experience in satellite and vehicle technology around the world, including as an analyst working with the European Space Agency. He joins Fraikin after a decade at telematics company Masternaut.

He says of his appointment: “Through my years in the fleet industry, one thing that has remained constant is how the connected vehicle data available continues to be criminally undervalued.

“I want to position Fraikin as a leader in this sector. The goal is to provide the expert analysis to our customers and help unlock incredible efficiency and cost benefits.”

What separates Fraikin’s approach to that of existing telematics providers is the access it has to additional information on vehicle operating costs, including original outlay and ongoing maintenance spend. By correlating the connected vehicle data with all other costs involved, Fraikin can create a comprehensive overview of how a customer fleet is performing.

This information can then be presented in a simple, digestible format, allowing customers to make actionable changes themselves. However, Hemming intends to take this process further by utilising Fraikin’s industry expertise to analyse the data internally, providing a service that proactively guides its customers towards better operational efficiency.

“Where telematics systems often fall down is through operators not having the time to act upon the information – this is where Fraikin can step in. We have the skills, experience and the data points required to make recommendations on how a customer’s fleet should be modelled,” adds Hemming.

Fraikin’s commitment to new technology will utilise many connected vehicle technologies, but through Hemming and his team customers will always be offered the right system to suit their unique requirements.

“This is a new approach for the business and it’s one that I have no doubt will pay dividends for our customers – there are certainly some exciting times ahead,” concludes Hemming.