One World Express partners with Orange Connex to deliver game-changing technology platform


Leading international courier One World Express has partnered with Orange Connex to launch a new technology platform, Ship2world.

Ship2world has been created to enable businesses to develop more efficient shipping strategies. Powered by One World Express and its innovative Smarttrack technology, Ship2world’s platform allows merchants to access hundreds of shipping options and optimise routing.

One World Express has partnered with the global digital supply chain tech company, Orange Connex, to deliver the new global shipping solution.

Orange Connex has a successful track record in providing improved international shipping services to merchants selling internationally on online marketplaces such as eBay.

The new Ship2world platform provides an outbound service for UK merchants to international markets, leveraging the global shipping infrastructure Orange Connex has established over the years.

The partnership will deliver competitive pricing to UK merchants for outbound shipping to four leading eCommerce export markets: the US, Canada, Australia and Germany. It will later expand into other countries.

Ship2world is designed for vendors ranging from sole traders to established SMEs. It quickly sorts through more than 130 leading logistics companies to find the best quote to ship their goods anywhere in the world.

The platform also provides merchants with the flexibility to adjust their courier strategy, and switch carrier providers, should a more efficient option present itself.

Ship2world’s technology also connects to vendors’ online shop, meaning sales automatically generate shipping orders. Combining competitive tariffs with cutting edge logistics tech, the new platform is supporting the UK’s eCommerce SMEs by providing them with the tools to increase sales and in turn profits by accessing cost effective shipping solutions worldwide.

Atul Bhakta, CEO of One World Express, said: “This is a really exciting new partnership. By combining One World Express’ plethora of experience and knowledge within the logistics sector with Orange Connex’s outstanding standardised international shipping services and strong technology capabilities, we can empower merchants to take their products to new international markets.

“The timing couldn’t be better. The pandemic has resulted in a huge eCommerce boom – but it has also raised logistical challenges, which have been compounded by Brexit. Ship2world will help vendors overcome this issue, connecting them to cost-effective, efficient solutions. This tech platform is perfectly positioned to nurture the international ambitions of businesses of any size.”

Andrew Yang, CEO of Orange Connex, added: “Orange Connex is committed to providing superior 4th party logistics and supply chain services to global eCommerce players, empowering cross border trade to reach new heights. Through this partnership, we are delighted to be able to expand to the UK markets. We are eager to help merchants propel their businesses into the future with this exciting new game-changing platform.”