Road Safe NI and Pocket Box launch free vehicle management app to support legal and safe driving


Road Safe NI, the road safety charity in Northern Ireland, has teamed up with Pocket Box to launch a free vehicle management app that helps motorists to keep road legal and compliant. The Road Safe NI-branded tool – available for both Apple and Android smartphones – is designed to overcome many of the headaches of car ownership by storing required paperwork and providing helpful reminders of key dates.

“In today’s modern world we are all leading increasingly busy lives and it often slips our minds when certain vehicle requirements are due. With this app, there is no longer a need to trawl through cupboards and drawers to locate vehicle documents and determine when key renewal dates are approaching,” explains Davy Jackson, Chair of Road Safe NI. “It is free and simple to use, so we are encouraging all motorists to download it to help them ensure they are driving legally by storing important details and receiving timely alerts.”

The app will allow motorists to digitally upload or scan all the necessary paperwork for a vehicle – such as MOT, road tax, insurance, warranty, servicing, finance and ownership – so they are conveniently organised and accessible in one place. The app will also enable the user to keep on top of key dates, with push and email notifications regarding any approaching renewals and expiries.

For households with multiple vehicles the app will offer straightforward management and added peace of mind that loved ones are legal on the road. Furthermore, it will assist in meeting different country regulations when driving elsewhere in Europe by having vehicle documentations close at hand. All uploaded data will be fully encrypted and stored with security protocols on par with online banking systems.

“Legal compliance and road safety go hand in hand, so we are delighted to be working with Road Safe NI and supporting their goal of saving lives,” explains Jim Finnegan, Founder and CEO of Pocket Box. “As well as providing a useful tool to motorists, the app offers an effective way for Road Safe NI to stay connected to road users in Northern Ireland, with the means to communicate targeted safety messages. We are working closely with the team at Road Safe NI to create new features and functionality that will be introduced over the coming months.”

Road Safe NI is committed to promoting safety on the roads across Northern Ireland. The aim of the charity is to save lives and reduce the widespread devastation caused by road fatalities and injuries. Through education, awareness raising and grass roots initiatives, Road Safe NI reaches out to local communities and engages with road users of all ages including drivers, passengers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. The Charity also offers support to people affected by road traffic collisions through The Road Ahead Support Group.