Run It Cool keep routes optimised and customers happy with PODFather


Run It Cool, the refrigerated delivery service specialist, relies on PODFather’s route planning, vehicle tracking and electronic delivery solution to help plan and manage its nationwide delivery network. With a fleet of 20 vehicles delivering to customer sites across the UK, Run It Cool needed a software partner capable of helping achieve its goal to be the coolest controlled logistics partner delivering chilled and frozen food and drink products in the UK. PODFather helps Run It Cool to plan routes and optimise daily workloads, ensuring delivery time window promises are met in the most efficient way. In addition, since its introduction PODFather has contributed to Run It Cool’s goal to reduce its carbon footprint, by eradicating paper tickets, cutting empty mileage and reducing fuel consumption across the fleet.

Run It Cool offers a specialist chilled and frozen delivery service to both contract customers, and those seeking emergency delivery help, across the UK. With high order volumes and a 24/7 operation to manage, Run It Cool recognised the need to have advanced, yet reliable systems to support its business goals. Before PODFather, the transport team manually planned deliveries onto routes which were then handed to drivers to execute in the order that they saw fit. Once out on the road there was no visibility of delivery progress, making it extremely difficult to answer customer queries and give accurate ETAs when asked.

Now the Run It Cool team are seeing the huge benefits that having a robust, reliable route planning and execution system can bring. PODFather’s cloud-based back-office system and easy to use driver app make short work of the complex task of planning and managing a complex, high volume distribution operation, such as Run It Cool. The system includes a host of features – route planning, vehicle checks, delivery tracking, customer ETA notifications, electronic proof of delivery and reporting – and its robust API makes for ease of integration into any business ecosystem.

“Before PODFather we were planning and managing our distribution operation manually, which meant we didn’t have that all important big picture view of what was going on across our operation,” comments Heather Menzies, Logistics Director at Run It Cool. “Since we introduced PODFather we’ve seen a huge difference in our department. Routes are now optimised in the PODFather system and then transferred to driver handheld devices. Deliveries are tracked and we can answer customer ETA questions with ease. It really has been a fantastic addition to our business.”

“For an operation like Run It Cool, where delivery reliability is key to ongoing success, PODFather can offer big benefits,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather. “Paper tickets are eradicated, routes are optimised in advance of vehicles leaving the depot and transport teams have real time visibility of what’s going out on the road, as well as delivery completions with all electronic PODs submitted back to the planning office in real time.”

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