Dott and DriveTech ride in tandem for two-wheel road safety


Leading road risk training provider DriveTech is delighted to be working with Dott – leading European micro-mobility operator – on two new training modules to help support safety for users of both their e-scooters and their new e-bikes. This is particularly well-timed with Dott being appointed on the 18th May as one of three TfL partners for the London-wide e-scooter rental trials.

Dott’s e-scooters come equipped with large 12in wheels, a triple braking system and an extra-wide standing board, alongside swappable, long-life battery technology. Their e-bikes – set to be rolled out in London in summer 2021 – have a distinctive, robust and efficient style, and also share the swappable, long-life battery tech.

Duncan Robertson, UK General Manager, states: “Safety and safety education is central to Dott and we felt DriveTech had the right blend of road safety training experience, profile and knowledge to help us. We now have two comprehensive training modules to help educate and inform our e-scooter and e-bike users respectively, and are excited for riders across the UK to benefit from the training. From safe use, responsible parking, awareness of other road users, and how to share the road responsibly, these training modules will help to educate and inform e-scooter and e-bike riders. To ensure maximum engagement we will be providing incentives to individuals for completing the online training, offering riding credit for successful completion.”

Each training module is broken-down into simple bite-size chunks of information and support to help educate individuals around the benefits of e-scooters and e-bikes and how to ride responsibly. Dott is also offering practical, on-street and in-person training sessions in London. Participants of these sessions will be gifted Dott safety swag packs, which includes cycle helmets, to all participants.

Charlie Norman, DriveTech Managing Director said: “We are increasingly working to support a wider range of different road users, providing critical road, rider and driver safety training and positive interventions. We have fully embraced the move to more eco-friendly, low-emission modes of transport. Our EV training portfolio is growing by the day, and we are pleased to support Dott, especially in the urban environment, to help make the use of their e-scooters and e-bikes as safe and effective as possible. We also congratulate the Dott team on their recent TfL trial involvement in London.”

Find out more about the Dott training modules from DriveTech here: