Early success of M6toll’s ANPR trial sees Wincanton sign up to pilot project


Wincanton, a leading supply chain partner for British business is the latest to trial the M6toll’s new transformational tolling system.

The Wiltshire based company, have begun their trial with 550 vehicles on the new ANPR system. In the coming weeks, they plan to move their full fleet of 3500 vehicles to be ANPR facilitated, to ensure that their routing and planning systems are not hampered by a means of payment, if the M6toll route is calculated as being optimal.

Wincanton follows on from a successful trial with multimodal logistics operator Maritime, which from April, became the first M6toll business customer to pay for their journeys via the new Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) based tolling system. The new ANPR system is part of M6toll’s ongoing commitment to encourage time and efficiency savings for business customers, including those running large scale fleet operations.

The ANPR cameras identify license plate data, removing the need for card payments at the toll plazas and replacing them with a remote payment system. It enables seamless end to end journeys and means customers can manage all transactions via the M6toll website, whether for a single vehicle or larger fleets spread across a number of depots.

The ANPR cameras are part of the M6toll owners’, Midland Expressway Ltd, plan to transform the existing tolling infrastructure. This will also include a new customer relationship management system (CRM) and eCommerce systems, implemented as part of a strategy to drive growth and increase choice for customers.

Dave Rowlands, Wincanton Fleet Engineering Director, said: “As a leading supply chain partner for UK business, we pride ourselves on utilising technology and innovation to drive our business operations.

“The M6toll’s new ANPR system is a good example of such technological innovation and so when we were asked to join the trial it made perfect sense for us to get involved.

“As a business we use the M6toll to avoid congested routes and improve both our fuel and time efficiencies and we look forward to the ANPR trial further enhancing these benefits.”

Julie Davies, Commercial Director at Midland Expressway Ltd said: “Following on from our launch and early success with Maritime in using ANPR, we are delighted to welcome Wincanton as the latest customer to experience our new transformational tolling system.

“As a company that puts technological innovation at the heart of their operations, Wincanton are a perfect fit to trial the new ANPR system. With the size of fleet operated by Wincanton and volume of trips made, ANPR can play a crucial role in achieving greater visibility across their fleet and routes and help deliver operational efficiencies for them as a business. We look forward to adding more businesses to the ANPR trial in the coming weeks and finding out more about how Wincanton have experienced the positive benefits of the new system.”

“The M6toll is committed to ensuring the road remains the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective choice for its business customers and this pilot project is a key part of that ongoing strategic approach.”

The new tolling system is part of the wider ‘Road Ahead’ digital transformation programme, developed to support M6toll’s commitment to improving congestion and connectivity, nationally and across the West Midlands.