Isuzu’s proven payload and 3-year warranty attract Scammell Commercial


Specialist municipal leasing company Scammell Commercial has just added six new Isuzu trucks to its fleet covering 3.5 tonne, 7.5 tonne and 13.5 tonne GVW models, with the Essex-based company citing Isuzu’s proven payload and three-year warranty as the key drivers behind choosing the Isuzu marque for this leasing fleet upgrade.

Two Isuzu Grafter N35.125 caged tippers, one Isuzu N75.150 caged tipper, and an Isuzu F135.240 Hiab Multi-Lift hook loader truck, have recently gone into service within the leasing fleet at Scammell Commercial. These 4 new Isuzus will be joined before the end of the month by a further two new Isuzu N75.150 rigids that are both fitted with NTM refuse bodies.

“Prior to these new Isuzu vehicles being specified, we did our research across various truck manufacturers and by far Isuzu came out on top with regards to its proven payload, which is one of the most important features in running a municipal fleet. The confidence and support from Isuzu in also providing a three-year warranty as standard was another key factor towards this decision as it enables us to have much greater control over the cost of ownership,” said Neil Livermore, operations manager, Scammell Commercial.

Neil continues, “Most of our leasing trucks operate in and around the London area so a further significant benefit of the Isuzu truck range is its compact footprint, not just at 3.5 tonne but all the way up to 13.5 tonne GVW. The small footprint is ideal for working at sites across London where there is limited vehicle access, and in particular, we are finding that the 7.5 tonne Isuzu with the refuse bodies are becoming much more popular now for this reason alone.

All the new Isuzus have been supplied to Scammell Commercial by local Isuzu dealer DT Trucks and will have a minimum five years within the fleet, with the exception of the refuse vehicles that will have a much longer working life.

“DT Trucks have been an excellent partner throughout the acquisition programme working with us to ensure that all the vehicles were delivered within their timescales, with the optimum body specification for our customers,” commented Neil Livermore.

Established in 1990, Scammell Commercial Ltd is a family run vehicle repair and specialist municipal hire company based in Essex. The company now operates over 75 vehicles within its municipal hire fleet working on various councils and housing association contracts within the M25 catchment area.
“Like many companies working within the municipal sector, Scammell Commercial have been attracted by the payload and compact footprint of the Isuzu truck range. Ideally suited to the local authority marketplace, Isuzu caged tippers at both 3.5 tonne and 7.5 tonne are proving to be very popular in this sector as too are the Isuzu 7.5 tonne refuse vehicles,” said Lee Tansley, national fleet sales manager, Isuzu Truck UK.

Further information about the full range of Isuzu trucks for the municipal sector can be viewed on