IVECO launches creative nationwide campaign to highlight the DNA of its new 4 tonne Daily van


IVECO has launched a new nationwide promotional tour for its Daily 4t GVW tonne panel van to highlight its class-leading capabilities.

IVECO aims to educate operators on the van’s ability to carry payloads of up to 1200 kg, swallow 18 cubic metres of loads and tow up to 3,500kg. Its impressive agility is also a headline with City Mode making urban manoeuvring even easier.

But the CNG Daily van that is set to tour England, Wales and Scotland over two weeks and cover 2,100 miles starting on the 19 August will look nothing like anything operators and drivers have ever seen before.

Called the #Chammoth, the concept combines two animals that share key traits with the IVECO Daily. Cheetahs are well known for their athletic abilities and outright agility, while the mammoth is admired in the pages of history for its tough muscular strength and size. The IVECO Daily Chammoth literally and metaphorically combines these creatures to create high visual impact on its national tour, which will take it to the likes of Truckfest South East and South West, Blackpool tower, Liverpool docks, Manchester Trafford Centre and of course Stonehenge.

Just like a cheetah, the IVECO Daily is agile with a tight turning circle, it’s powerful and efficient thanks to a choice of CNG and diesel engines under the bonnet, and a smooth drive for operators, with a choice of HI-MATIC automatic gearbox or new class-leading manual. Its mammoth-like traits are evident in the tough truck-based chassis that enables payloads of up to 4.9 tonnes, a voluminous cargo area offering up to 19.6m³ of space and an overall gross vehicle weight of up to 7 tonnes depending on specification.

The IVECO Daily #Chammoth is also raising money for conservation efforts of endangered species with IVECO donating £1 to the Aspinall Foundation charity every time a member of the public takes a photo of the van and posts it on social media mentioning the hashtag #chammoth.* The nationwide tour begins on 19 August at the Aspinall Foundation’s partner park of Port Lympne in Kent.

As fitted on the #Chammoth, businesses that are keen to greatly reduce their carbon footprint have the option of a 3.0-litre CNG engine that, when running on bio-methane, can achieve up to a 95% reduction in C02 emissions. There’s a range of diesel powertrains also available that deliver power outputs of between 116hp – 210hp.

The new six-speed manual transmission reduces play by 50% over its predecessor, and on the 2.3-litre diesel unit, clutch durability has increased by 18%. The class-leading eight-speed HI-MATIC automatic gearbox also remains a favourite with operators.

The IVECO Daily makes urban life easier via City Mode, a system that reduces the effort required to turn the steering wheel. Lighter steering minimises driver fatigue, and in combination with Hi-Adaptive memory foam seats, makes the cab a comfortable environment to work. In fact, IVECO Daily is the first LCV with its seat cushion, back rest and head rest all in memory foam.

IVECO Driver PAL delivers impressive technology that was developed in partnership with AWS. This Amazon Alexa-based digital driver companion is commanded by voice and can check the health status of the vehicle, set and manage the navigation system, request assistance if needed, and even offer tips to help save fuel. Driver Pal can also allow the driver to communicate with other vehicles via MYCOMMUNITY to share information to avoid unplanned stops or delays.

Mike Cutts, IVECO Business Line Director – Light, said: “The IVECO Daily 3.5 tonne van incorporates so many great features that we know our customers relish. Chammoth is a light-hearted nationwide campaign that brings these to the attention of a wide group of operators and drivers.”

*IVECO will be donating £1 to the Aspinall Foundation for every qualifying photo up to the value of £6,000