M6toll launch new saver product for van drivers


M6toll has launched a new money-saving product to encourage more van drivers to regularly use the road.

The FlexiVan is a new product for commercial van drivers which offers ten pre-paid journeys for £69 resulting in an overall 38% saving, for journeys between local junctions T4, T5 and T6. It will be available from Monday 8 June.

It’s designed to encourage more van drivers onto the M6toll with the promise of faster journey times and efficiencies for businesses together with taking commercial vehicles from local, heavily used, routes. With M6toll reporting an increase in the number of business customers switching to online accounts, the new FlexiVan will provide a further opportunity for commercial operators to enjoy more efficient, seamless journeys on the road and cost savings.

The launch of the FlexiVan product comes amid a huge surge in demand within the van market. The respected industry body The Society of Motor Manufacturers (SMMT), has recently reported an 85.5% year on year growth in new van sales, the highest increase since 1999.

The M6toll has also seen an increased number of vans and commercial vehicles using the road, with the M6toll traffic data team reporting a 73% increase in commercial vehicle traffic on the road between 2012 and 2020. The launch of FlexiVan looks to support this growth of vans and commercial vehicles switching to the M6toll.

Alongside the launch of the FlexiVan, from the 8th July, M6toll is also offering car drivers a half price offer on its existing Hopper product, with 14 journeys available for £19.50 a week for a three-month introductory period. With increasing numbers of workers returning to their daily commute, the Hopper is ideal for those looking to save time on work travel by using the M6toll both ways.

Both offers form part of new pricing, which includes a 10p rise for cars at mainline and local plazas, a 50p increase for Class 4 vehicles and a 60p increase for Class 5 vehicles using the road. The new prices will come into effect from 8 July.

Julie Davies, Commercial Director at Midland Expressway Ltd said: said: “We’re excited to launch the new FlexiVan product for van drivers. The aim of the FlexiVan product is to help tradespeople and delivery drivers reduce the amount of the time they spend on congested roads and allow them to get on with their business.

“The introduction of the FlexiVan and other bespoke offers is part of our ongoing commitment to improving the road user experience for our business customers.”

The FlexiVan is the latest benefit for businesses using the road and follows on from the recent trialing of new ANPR technology with business customers, with plans for this to include van drivers in the coming months.

For more information of M6toll pricing visit: https://www.m6toll.co.uk/our-prices-are-changing/