M6toll’s ‘RoadAhead’ digital transformation programme gears up for expansion


M6toll’s strategic ‘RoadAhead’ digital transformation programme is moving through the gears with a raft of new technological initiatives being implemented to enhance the customer experience.

The roll-out of new technology is seeing Midland Expressway Ltd (MEL), which owns and manages the M6toll, investing across the business in transformational digital systems such as its ANPR enabled tolling infrastructure, designed to enhance the customer experience and deliver further time efficiencies for journeys.

The installation of roadside Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras provides the capability to capture license plate data and facilitate contactless and cashless payments for account customers.

It has already been successfully trialed with business customers and is currently in the process of further trialing with FlexiPass car drivers ahead of an expanded roll-out to more road users this year.

Further plans for the tolling system include expanding the current 16 ANPR enabled lanes to a full deployment across all 45 lanes, upgrading point of sale technology and the development of an enhanced control room facility to increase the information available to the remote operations team.

A new ecommerce and customer management solution will also be implemented, to ensure smooth and efficient operations and improved customer service for the 50,000 drivers who use the road each day.

Gavin Revell, Chief Information Officer, at Midland Expressway Ltd said: “The ‘RoadAhead’ digital transformation programme is focused on delivering our strategic vision to make the M6toll one of the most technologically advanced, customer orientated & connected motorways in the UK. We continue to evolve our strategy to ensure future technological developments, including a world with connected autonomous vehicles, are considered.

“Along with the tolling technology and infrastructure, the programme focuses on transforming our digital customer journey with the introduction of a new ecommerce solution and customer management solution, all centred around an enhanced data governance, BI & insights capability.

“The changing demands, post COVID, of a modern workplace have also been considered and our ability to securely offer flexible and digitally enabled services remains a core focus. We also continue to eliminate waste from our business and further improvements in process automation remains key.

“The introduction of an improved data architecture and the use of AI will continue to help eliminate unnecessary manual activities and ensure the introduction of new technology does not further impact our operational teams.”

The ‘RoadAhead’ digital transformation programme will improve operational efficiencies and further focus the business on the needs of customers and the businesses and communities that the M6toll serves.

As part of the same IFM Investor Group, Midlands Expressway Ltd (MEL) will be able to call upon the global expertise and knowledge of parent company, Aleatica, in delivering the transformational ‘RoadAhead’ programme.

Aleatica’s mission is to offer safe and sustainable mobility solutions supported by cutting-edge technology that anticipates customer needs.

As a pure transport infrastructure operator, Aleatica operates 20 transport concessions – 9 urban highways, 6 interstate corridors, 3 commercial ports, 1 light railway metro and 1 airport – across six countries in Latin America and Europe. Across the 9 highways operated by Aleatica, around 4.6 billion vehicles travel on those roads each year.