Salcombe Brewery Co. announces donation to The Seahorse Trust


Salcombe Brewery Co. is delighted to announce that it has just given over £2000 to The Seahorse Trust, which has been raised through donations for every bottle sold of its Seahorse beer.

Jordan Mace, Managing Director of Salcombe Brewery Co. explains: “The surrounding coastal environment has always been hugely important to Salcombe Brewery Co. The Salcombe Estuary is one of the few places in the UK where you can find the rarer of the two species of seahorse and we partnered with The Seahorse Trust four years ago to raise funds to support these endangered creatures. We give a regular donation to The Seahorse Trust and are pleased to be handing over another £2,032.32 this month. This money has been raised by making a donation of 5p from every bottle of Seahorse sold.”

The Seahorse Trust was founded in 1999 by Neil Garrick-Maidment to preserve and conserve the natural world, especially the marine environment, with the seahorse as its flagship species. The Trust makes a difference through education, conservation and campaigning for protected areas. Neil explains: “Salcombe Brewery Co. has been incredibly supportive of our work over the last four years. Their regular donations are an invaluable resource for our much-needed conservation work.”

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Image available here. L to R, Jordan Mace, Managing Director of Salcombe Brewery Co., Neil Garrick-Maidment, Founder of The Seahorse Trust, Sam Beaman, Head Brewer of Salcombe Brewery Co.