The future of heavy industry transportation: Dolphin AGVs by DTA


DTA, a leading provider of intelligent solutions for factory and warehouse transportation, has announced the release of its new Dolphin line of autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs).

Driven by BlueBotics ANT® natural feature navigation, the new family of automated vehicles offers heavy industry customers a flexible and adaptable on-site transportation solution that will significantly increase efficiency.

DTA Dolphin AGVs are accurate, robust and fully automatic. Capable of moving payloads weighing up to 300 tonnes, these vehicles feature motorized rollers and highly flexible 360° omnidirectional steering. Safety is ensured thanks to the vehicles’ built-in laser scanners. Since DTA also offers a custom-designed AGV option, there is a Dolphin AGV available to suit virtually every customer application.

Gonzalo de Sebastián, Sales & Marketing Director, at DTA, said, “Dolphin AGVs provide a robust and fully automatic solution for the on-site transportation of heavy goods. Thanks to our close collaboration with BlueBotics, Dolphin vehicles are driven by ANT® navigation technology, which guarantees that the installation of these AGVs, not to mention project future modifications, are quick and efficient, without the need for permanent infrastructure changes. Ultimately, a single Dolphin AGV can cover the equivalent work of two forklifts or six operators, leading to significant cost savings over time.”

ANT® navigation offers high positional accuracy of approximately ±1 cm / ±1°, while BlueBotics’ ANT® server management software enables entire fleets of Dolphin AGVs to operate seamlessly together on-site. ANT® server can also be connected to a site’s existing management software system (WMS/MES/ERP) and infrastructure such as automatic doors, allowing these for example to be opened automatically when an AGV approaches.

Dr. Nicola Tomatis, CEO at BlueBotics, said, “The team at DTA are a key partner for BlueBotics and truly the experts in automating the movement of heavy goods on-site. Driven by our proven ANT® navigation and with their any-direction omnidirectional movement, the company’s new Dolphin vehicles offer a remarkably versatile, extremely safe solution that is highly scalable and can be updated quickly and easily as a business’ needs evolve.”

By choosing Dolphin ANT®-driven AGVs, businesses are investing in their future with the future of autonomous materials handling.