Warehouse and logistics drives growth for visual communications and safety products in 2022, says Beaverswood


A strong warehouse and logistics sector will drive growth for workplace visual communications and safety products in 2022, predicts Chris Bevis, business development manager for Beaverswood.

He anticipates the UK market remaining ‘buoyant’ over the next 12 months as the economy continues to recover from the pandemic and activity remains busy, particular in the face of a warehouse and logistics sector that will see the UK require an extra 92 million sq. ft. of warehousing space over the next three years – the demand for online grocery sales alone will account for 7.1 million sq. ft. of this additional space*.

Developments in this fast-paced sector will ‘surge’ ahead with cost effective products such as racking documentation, impact protection, warehouse identification and waste management systems, which deliver improved safety performance and efficiencies, increasingly specified for both new projects and upgrade programmes.

2021 has seen strong trading from Wokingham-based Beaverswood, which has maintained a resilient performance in the face of some tough trading conditions while developing its international operations – a newly appointed business development manager will spearhead expansion of its reseller activity across Europe.

The company sees the trend among logistics and distribution centre operators for added value solutions continuing over the next 12 months, particularly as increased operator investment in larger and heavier duty beams to accommodate ever busier warehouses will remain strong.

With billions being invested in UK warehouse and storage facilities, the need to maintain continued best practice around health and safety in constantly evolving distribution and fulfilment environments remains paramount, said Chris Bevis.

He added: “People and property must be protected but as companies run out of space, they need to find ways to work ever smarter and create extra space, while keeping their workers, vehicles and property safe. For the warehousing sector this is obviously critical, so we will see continued categories launched in 2022 to support this fast-paced industry and provide the required solutions.”

With high-quality, high-performance products continuing to be at the forefront of design and building regulations, there will be ‘discernible’ growth for visual communications products. “There are effective products out there to ensure that safety and efficiency within buildings should never be overlooked or ignored – it’s a matter of incorporating these products into design or retrospectively upgrading workspaces with cost-effective safety and visual solutions,” Chris Bevis said.

Photocaption: Beaverswood’s Chris Bevis predicts a strong warehouse and logistics sector will drive growth for workplace visual communications and safety products in 2022