Southgate bespoke trolley helps boost productivity


A bespoke prototype designed by Southgate Global, a leader in the supply of packaging equipment, consumables and servicing in operational logistics and fulfilment, has helped a leading retail brand reduce their loading time by 50 per cent.

Working closely with the online grocery brand – who were experiencing too many touchpoints, as well as some manual handling safety issues, around transferring groceries from their warehouse operation into their vehicles, Southgate’s expert in-house Design Team designed a bespoke cart specifically to address these issues, working for the specifics of the client’s site, their space requirements and the people using it.

With each minor detail designed with a specific workflow in mind, the three-tier cart enabled the client to save 50 per cent in their loading time, increasing productivity for the business.

As the need to maximise productivity in all areas of an operation has never been so crucial, Phil O’Driscoll, Head of Innovation and New Product Development at Southgate Global, explained that customised products that meet very specific needs or address unique challenges are becoming more in demand.

“Customers either recognise an issue within their workflow but are unsure on how to fix it themselves, recognise that the standard equipment they are currently using just isn’t working to maximum potential, or they are being faced with new challenges that existing options cannot resolve.”

“It’s here that the benefits of bespoke solutions come into play, and our garment trolley is a prime example of this. Right from the initial survey to the design brief, prototyping and final implementation, we built a solution that was based on expertise and experience and with a specific goal in mind. A service you just can’t get with off-the-shelf solutions.”

With decades of experience serving over 3,000 customers in more than 20 countries around the world, Southgate prides itself on its expertise and range of operational logistics and fulfilment solutions that support some of the biggest organisations in the key sectors including 3PL, e-commerce, retail, post & parcel and general manufacturing.

Describing the Southgate Design Team as ‘problem solvers’, O’Driscoll explained the intricate process of each bespoke solution.

“We start each project from scratch with no assumptions or preconceptions. The team apply themselves to deeply understand the problem, ensuring to ask the right questions. Once we have the concept, we created a prototype before designing a final solution that meets the client’s exact needs.

“Whether we’re fitting equipment to existing architecture or helping to redesign the process of how they move products from A to B, it’s a form of flexibility and personalised service that you just can’t find from off-the-shelf solutions. This approach means the solution is something that organisations can use as a key differentiator to make them more competitive. In an increasingly challenging environment where price is often used as the only point of differentiation this approach can make all the difference.’

Innovators across 3PL are using bespoke design solutions to improve efficiencies to improve any manual handling.

As the challenges of running an efficient and cost-effective fulfilment operation continue to grow, Southgate continues to invest in creating innovative material handling equipment to help deliver a productive warehouse operation.